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When it comes to land, location is the single greatest determination of value and use. Land represents a great store house for wealth, a possible means of agricultural production, has physical uses such as a site for building homes/businesses, and has historically offered a great hedge against inflation. When buying or selling land, keep in mind that land sales typically take longer to complete from start to finish than most residential property sales. A good return on Real Estate can be received only when the seller understands that a reasonable amount of time will need to elapse before the “right buyer” at the “right price” is found.


Land ownership is a goal that is within your reach. Many people would like to own a sizable parcel of Real Estate where they can build their dream home or use for pleasure o recreation. We will work hard to find the right piece of land that meets your needs by accurately assessing your financial capabilities, lifestyle, and goals so the property you purchase is the “right buy” for YOU. If you are in the market for a vacant lot on which to build your next home, consider both value as well as privacy needs.


Land has many characteristics that make each parcel unique and determine it's use. When buying or selling it is important to understand that land is:

  • Fixed in a unique location like no other
  • Valued primarily based on it's LOCATION
  • Also below the surface (mineral rights)
  • Historically a great hedge against inflation
  • Zoned for various use (ie: homes, business)
  • A possible means of agricultural production
  • Used for recreational and leasure activities
  • Possibly available for harvesting timber


Determining how much land you need will depend on your intended use. While 1 or 2 acres can provide adequate privacy, more acreage might be a better buy. Cost per acre on 5 to 20 acres can be much less per acre than if you’re only buying one. You will also need to make sure zoning won't conflict with your planned use. Because there are many factors to consider when buying land, working with one of our land specialists is essential to a successful purchase. Contact us to learn more about buying/selling land.

Searching Land / Lots In Metro Atlanta

Although you can view land for sale in the above property widget, this is merely a fraction of the land available for sale in Metro Atlanta. Use our property search feature and sort by property type to view all available land listings. CLICK HERE to get started searching land.

Maximizing Your Search Results

  • Try filtering your search for land near lakes, mountains, rivers, etc.
  • You can also choose to view land by various lot sizes.
  • The lot description and amenities filters allows you to get more specific with your search.
  • Remember, you can draw an area on the map to easily filter properties by location!